Monday, August 9, 2010

Land of The Dam

So Ive just returned from my Holland- Czech trip, & it was overwhelming to say the least. Two extremely different cities, Amsterdam & Prague (or Praha).
Amsterdam is an very small city & like alot of european cities has a radial urban planning which simply means star-shaped radial streets extend outward from a center point which usually is a main square or monument. So that makes it hard to get lost.
Here's my list of must sees in Amsterdam:
1)The Van Gogh Museum
3)The infamous Red Light District
4)The Coffee shops & actually one in particular "Dampkring" It's got extraordinary décor that makes Dampkring coffee shop stand out from the crowd, it was also used to shoot scenes from "Ocean's Twelve" & its also famous for its extensive "Menu".
5) Dont miss out on the amazing potatoes!!! yummmm
6)Nor the waffles!:)
7)AIR CLUB which was designed by one of my fave designers ever Marcel Wanders. Its design concept makes the clubbing experience sooo perfect & convenient for ppl like me who actually go to dance without a care.
8)FOAM Gallery for all the modern art suckers out there is a MUST. More on that in an upcoming post.

Here are some of my fave shots from Amsterdam.

Notice how the buildings are not straight

Bikes are the chosen mode of transport


Anonymous said...

Phenomenal!! amazing colors n scenery.. what r we doing here again? :)

Amina said...

I dunno about u, but im saving up to go again:)))

Anonymous said...

love the shots non, my favourite is the one of you and your shoes (topshop?) and arrogant cat dress. i have a tendecy to photograph my feet bardo. you know that.

Amina said...

yeah actually shoes river island :D
Yeah i too have a habit of photographing my feet wherever i am, great minds think alike

TOOTA said...

aminaaaaaa i dunno if the country is that amazing or its the way u take the pics...

i loooooooooove each and every one of them begad next time i go to Belgium will definitely stop in Amsterdam..

i looooveee countries with old buildings begad..... ALEXANDRIA kanet el mafrood tekon keda begad :(