Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Madonna Again Unedited

Some un-retouched photos leaked 2 days ago for the Winter 2011 Dolce&Gabbana womenswear campaign photoshoot by Steven Klein. Madonna plays a sexy Italian housewife.
Im not loving the campaign, it lacks inspiration & looks like something Ive seen before alot.
Loved the LV bunny eared campaign so much more.
Check out the veins on her hand & biceps that were totally retouched for the release.
Also check out the behind the scenes video.


Nermeen said...

Hi Amina,

Still don't know how you manage to get your hands on these images, but I beg your pardon, you have confused two different campaigns into one. These images some are from FW1011 & some are from SS10.
Still - great release!
Keep it up,

Nermeen said...

The video is from the FW1011 collection shoot.

Amina said...

Yeah i do realize that the edited final ad campaign shots are from 2 consecutive seasons but still shot by the same photographer & have the same aethetic & theme which portrays Madonna as a sexy Italian housewife.
Just the amount of editing that takes place in everything we see is mind boggling!