Sunday, June 6, 2010


I went to the "+20 Design" in Al Muiz Street to check it out plus had a piece exhibited there.
This street installation really caught my eye, "il share3 beta3 meen?" made by students.
These chairs with different types of vehicle license plates attached to them.
Each chair symbolizes a different type of social standard.
I loved it.
Check it out.


TOOTA said...

aminaaaaaaaaaaaaa i loveeee the idea...
how do these people come up with those stuff.
i lovee ppl with weird ideas.. LOl

why dont you post ur table??? :) ;)

Amina said...

i will akeed:)

Yazan said...

this goes deep. the social pyramid ofthe Egyptian community.

the هيئة سياسية one is my fav. because it was hard to relate the other classes to the chairs they've chosen.

Amina said...

hahaha Yazan, its "hard" to
well..the "ogra giza" aka a taxi or micro bus has a traditional 2ahwa chait nothing special...
The "shorta" one is cheap & plastic but raised higher than all the others- which means exactly as it sounds- theyre nobodies put on a pedestal.
The "malaky Khira" with a long non distinctive number is a very normal not particularly comfortable plastic chair, whereas the "malaky kahira 3" has a loungy beach chair:)

Gino said...

Kooool :)