Saturday, June 12, 2010

RAW Madonna

I found these RAW (unphotoshopped images) of Fall 2009 Louis Vuitton ad campaign featuring Madonna, I just had to share them.
She really does look like she's in her 50s, yikes!
These unedited shots just show how much editing really took place.
The campaign was shot by iconic fashion photographer Steven Meisel.
All the images prominently feature the “bunny ears” and a handbag. I do love the bunny ears though!
For some reason I kinda like the treatment of the images, what’s your thoughts?


TOOTA said...


Yazanz said...

I think it's beautiful how Madonna can preserve her youth in pictures.
she still looks good for a 50 year old.
and have you seen her shoot with Interview magazine ? the old Cross obsessed Madonna is back :)

Amina said...

yes i did see those photos.
A very "90s" madonna which i love:)