Sunday, June 6, 2010

YAS - Get it right

The new music video of Y.A.S "Get it Right". From the debut album Arabology.

The idea was to make an Electropop-docufiction music video, mixing the ingredient of a music video with a more documentary approach while setting the action in Cairo and adding a story line to introduce Yasmine and present the Arab youth generation to an international audience. I must admit I'm not head over heels about the song but I absolutely love the video!
We are in 2019, 50 years after Apollo the Young Arab Space alliance is about to launch their first spaceship to the moon. Two astronauts are about to take off. Meanwhile on that historic day we follow Yasmine and few of her friends through Cairo.
Y.A.S. is the reunion of the Libanese singer Yasmine Hamdan and the world renowned producer Mirwais Ahmadzaï, directed by Stephan Sednaoui.

This video was shot in Cairo, Egyp


Yazan said...

I always preferred Yasmine when she was in Soap kills. although in get it right, you have to get the song right. and every song in the Arabology album.
most of them have lyrical references from well known child songs, Egyptian movies, folklore songs as well. reincarnated as electro pop.
ORDER : must listen to Soap Kills

Nermeen said...

I love this video. & don't mind the song at all.
Great blog! Enjoying my time already...